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Unlock the Vatican Secret Archives

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Dear Papa Joe,
In the spirit of honesty, morality, honour, justice and purity which is currently stalking the halls of the Vatican (I can dream!) we the free peoples of earth would all like it very much if you would allow full access to the Vatican archives - that's all of them mind you, even the super-duper secret ones, in the extra super special secret places.
Release the details of everything the roman catholic church has covered up, hidden, connived and contrived. All the secret meddling, bribery and corruption way back to when you were a minor cult in the Roman Empire.
You must be aware by our reaction to your organization's nasty ways that we're all grown up now. It's also now blatantly obvious that we are more moral than you.
Whatever is in there, we can handle! Thanks for your kind protection of these important relics but really, OPEN THE DOORS.
Come on, you know from recent experience that keeping secrets doesn't work, hand 'em over, we'll decide what's best to do.
Or have you something else to hide?
All the best, within reason,

Vatican Secret Archives

Vatican Secret Archives, which are as vast as they are old. Headed by a cardinal like the Vatican Library, another rumored storehouse of secrets, they partially open today to a few approved scholars who are let in only with specific purposes and with permission of the Pope.

It is the most mysterious institution in the papal city, for in its more than thirty miles of shelving are reputed to be the accumulated records of scandals, secrets, and revelations of the most shocking and explosive kind, blithely boxed and filed away with the insouciance born of centuries of silence and discretion.
Although scholars have had access to the secret archives since 1881, they remain closed to the general public.
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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