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21 days in May
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It Is Supposed To be The land Of The Free

I heard President Obama yesterday(15-08-09) saying he was trying to create a "Uniquely American system" - Why? It seams to me to be because he's realised that Americans are so vain that they'd rather go on with their uncaring health system than accept something that they didn't invent.
Whatever way you look at it, free health care has already been invented, it's now just down to whether the USA catches up and accepts that "I'm alright jack" society is unacceptable and diametrically opposed to those who'd choose to call themselves humanitarian.

It's supposed to be

The land of the free.


The land of those

who can afford to be free.

I think I'm now more than fully qualified to say,
I'd recommend the Great British NHS in a Heartbeat, that's the heartbeat I would not have had the NHS not been there for me.

But I'd go further,
I'd say that any modern rich country who chooses a heartless 'every man for himself' system is preferring to profess and support socio-political Darwinism, the defunct philosophical system that previously heralded the rise of the Nazis.

For me the only way a society can justifiably call itself civilised, is if it cares for all its citizens regardless of birth status or bank roll.

Health care should be a human right, a pillar of what we call humane behaviour.

Those who rally against caring for the weak and in need are despicably selfish beings, (I feel I cannot use the word humans) who should feel ashamed of their self serving standpoint.

Compassion for our fellow should be an intrinsic aspiration, a core value of the human race - the way we want and choose to be.
Fuck you, I'm all right jack, is the way of the primitive beast.

America, you see yourselves as the best country on the planet but until you have an NHS like the UK you have only the facade of greatness.

Look at it this way - your tax dollars are currently being spent in the millions killing foreigners for free, wouldn't you feel better about yourselves if those dollars were instead (or additionally) being spent saving lives of your families and friends?
Surely, to remain on the side of good, one must be seen to be spending as much on saving the good guys, as you do slaughtering the bad guys.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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