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21 days in May
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Are You a Doctrine Addict

There's a fire, you have only managed to quickly grab your baby and your Holy book, you trip and fall, spilling both. As the fire flares and rages around you, you instinctively know you can only save one. There is no choice, you instantly perceive the true value of the two items and obviously, unless you are the most complete religious nutbag in evolutionary history, you chose to save your baby.

To take the paradigm a step further...
You are incapable of having further children, the baby you are carrying is the only remaining member of your family line and the Bible is the only remaining copy of your holy book.
What's your answer now?

If it's still your baby then...
You have perceived the true value of your scripture - when compared to the continuation of your genetic lineage, the contents of a book are irrelevant.

If it was your holy book then...
Please seek psychiatric help immediately!
You are a Doctrine Addict. Do not pack a bag or tell anybody, just report with haste to your nearest mental hospital because you may be an immediate danger to yourself or others.

If you had to think about it then...
You need some help!
Fortunately we can start right now.
Your addiction to doctrine must be confronted directly. To successfully overcome your fixation with the physical aspect of the words you believe, you must destroy the container of your doctrine.
Your God will not mind, your God knows you are only destroying the container of the message to rid yourself of your potentially damaging addiction. Your God knows that your intention is not to destroy the meaning of the message, just free yourself from the monkey on your back.

Take your chosen sacred text and throw it into the paper recycling bin.
(We may as well be green in pursuit of psychological freedom!)
If your local authority does not have a paper recycling scheme (shame on them) there are other options...
A shredder and some flour & water paste could transform those mouldy old papers into a lovely new papier-mache ornament.
Or, if you get together with some friends from your church, you could make furniture - maybe even a pew!
Alternatively, to take inspiration and continue the example above, many sacred texts could be used as fuel to keep you warm, carefully though, do it safely, put it in you fireplace or take it outside, place it in a barbecue and, with health & safety uppermost in mind, set it alight.

Whichever method your choose, do it now, it's really important, maybe even essential for a speedy recovery from addiction to doctrine!

If you were offended by this bit of frivolity - please see instructions above for
You need some help!

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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