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Balls - NO Religion is Balanced

Leave it to a faith school to decide what balanced means and anything is possible.
The religious person has viewed the overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution and decided instead that they'd rather believe in Magic!
Does that not better describe someone who is

Schools Secretary Ed Balls said the 'Children, Schools and Families' Bill was "a major step forward" in requiring all schools not only to teach children about the biology of sex but also about relationships...
"There is no opt-out for any faith school from teaching the full, broad, balanced curriculum on sex and relationship education and that is a huge step forward."
"Every school will have to teach the full curriculum in a balanced way that respects equality and is not discriminatory, but of course what we are saying is they can explain the views of their faith.
"Catholic schools can say to their pupils that, as a religion, we believe contraception is wrong, but what they can't do is therefore say they are not going to teach about contraception."

BBC News

If you listen hard, you can almost hear the priests' balanced contraceptive teaching...

"Now Boys this is a nasty evil condom, it was created by Satan to help you break dogma and have sex out of wedlock! You WILL go to HELL if you use it."

"But don't they prevent pregnancy tho' sir?"

"Yes they do, Satan designed them to stop God's little angels from being born! Don't use them! You'll burn in hell for eternity!"

"But don't they stop diseases and shit Father?"

"Yes they do, but YOU should follow dogma and use ABSTINENCE! You can't get Satan's diseases if you're not doing it! You shouldn't even be thinking of doing it anyway boy! You have a filthy, filthy mind, always on dirty, nasty naked sex with its nasty evil desires and lusts! You should be ashamed boy! Drop and give me twenty... No, not that! Not here! Wait for me in the Vestry."

Hopefully, the government will be setting specific guidelines for what balanced means, although, given the current continuing scandal over expenses claims, one could suggest they themselves need a refresher course in the meaning of the word balance!

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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