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Visiting Ireland

Free Wales Calling... Free Wales Calling....

Urgent Travel advice for those traveling to Eire.
For the foreseeable future
Any prospective visitor, from any country which values freedom of expression, who is planning, or considering a trip to the Emerald isle,
Your visit may cost you more than you were expecting!

If you are from a free country, as Ireland once was, you will be accustomed to the practise of conversation about life's little, and big, mysteries, without the fear of legal persecution.
You no longer
have this right
in Ireland.

As of the 1st of January 2010 Ireland's government took a step away from reason, and brought the possibility of a medieval persecution nightmare a step closer, with the introduction of what amounts to a draconian tax on atheists!

As atheists are the only group whose worldview is entirely contradictory of any blasphemy law, it's atheist who will bear the brunt of this law's enforcement.
Even simple conversation about the works by prominent atheists, humanists, evolutionary biologists, or even geologists, could easily fall within the boundary of giving offence to some nutbag religion or other.

If you are atheist, humanist or other likewise at risk group cannot avoid visiting the region, foreigners office best advice is currently a little less than encouraging...
  • Wear a gag.
  • Or, if that would be to orally restrictive, perhaps you could chew gum.
  • Practice smiling and nodding when a religious person says something stupid anything.
  • Find ways to extricate yourself from conversation with the religious. (See the leaflet '200 fascinating facts about the weather' for more details)
  • Be sure to travel at night; less chance of interaction with any local religious nutter.
  • Avoid visiting on sundays.
  • As a precaution learn a prayer of the native people of each of the locations through which you will be travelling. Muttering it in their presence is usually enough to throw them off the scent - at least long enough for you to beat a hasty retreat.
  • Finally - Good Luck

There appears to be no word yet, as to whether the Irish government has gone to expense of hiring a KGB style enforcement squad

The BBB ?
Blasphemy Boot Boys ?
"Ready to Silence and Control"?

but you can probably expect to see special trained police chasing kids for saying god in the 'wrong' part of a sentence!
Already, strange shadowy figures in black can be seen stalking the streets, wagging bony fingers when they feel that some unsuspecting citizen has crossed the blasphemy line.

Am I taking a risk even typing the word cross?
Could it be misconstrued?

I meant nothing by it your worship!

Ireland, come to your senses
repeal the nonsense law.
This way lies only
fear and mistrust.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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