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They Are Praying For Me Now

Praying for me is lovely and all, but check out the delightful homage to free speech - highlighted in red.
Sunday, 4 October 2009
A Fellow Blogger.


I have decided to amend this post, as the owner of the blog contacted me in relation to posting some material from his site, on the condition that i give him a link. Due to the nature of his blog i have decided to remove his part in this conversation rather than subject you all to his posts.

We have a great and loving god who tries to reach out to the hardened hearts of the self-righteous who love all earthly things and deny the grace of God a place in their lives. I have, instead, written here a prayer which i have made for this gentleman who goes by the name of Crispy.

Dear Heavenly Father
The grace that you pour out on us is eternal. We come to you not because of a simple promise of eternity, but by our own human helplessness. It is our on destruction and habit that has caused this world which you created so perfectly to fall into. The world is so involved in mind over matter and matter over mind that we forget that what we do on the outside means nothing to you. Anything we do, eat, think is washed away in the glorious name of your son Jesus who, because you loved us so much, came and died on a cross of despair and humiliation. I consider this gentleman Crispy in my prayers today Lord, i consider his words which are determined to act as the forked tongue of the devil against your mighty and everlasting word. Let him realise Lord, that his attempts to chip away at your word will never succeed. Many a hammer of criticism has fallen on the rock of your word Lord, but none have chipped a single piece from it. Give him grace that he will realise your word and respond to it before it is too late. Today could be his day of salvation lord. Today is the day for him to come to you. Let him realise that in his human condition he does not have the strength and power to reach out to you and all that he has to call to you is his prayers so that you will descend your spirit on him and pull him out of the cesspit he lies in. Father God, like so many other people of our world he is lost, he clings to no destiny or hope. All his fears, emotions and realisations are all false and will die with him. Nothing without you exists father please let him realise. This is my sincere prayer for this man. In Jesus most beautiful name, Amen.


Do you think the piece highlighted in green sounds a little like he's trying to convince himself? Me thinks prehaps, he doth protest too much! LOL

I'm not sure I want the prayers of an opponent of free speech, so I'll leave it their with an ironic Awww Bless!!! LOL.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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