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Religious Free Will - The Ultimate Oxymoron

Human's are born a blank slate, our Free Will at birth includes not suffering an eternity in excruciating torment.
Religion takes away that intrinsic free will and replaces it with an illusory shackle.
"If in the eyes of an unknown arbiter your life adds up to 'bad person', you burn!"

True Free Will is...

The freedom to NOT follow a god
have no consequences of that free choice.

Limited free will is...

The freedom to not follow a god but suffer consequences.

Limited Free Will, which is also known as Oppression, is what religious belief offers - free will within boundaries and as we all know, a gilded cage is still a prison. I pity the religious for their comprehension of Free Will, and for their lack of understanding of their own scripture's landscape.

The religious creator god is hailed for knowing all things for all time. Such a being cannot help but therefore know the sum of a religious individuals earthly deeds, and therefore where the religious individual is going, Upstairs or Down, even before the religious individual's great great grandmother was born!! (And If he doesn't know what's going to happen, he cannot be the god of the scriptures!! ) So,

Where is the Free Will?
Think about it, NO choice that any religious individual makes throughout his life, can make any difference to the way the god knows it's going to turn out!
Nothing, absolutely nothing, the religious individual does, thinks, or believes in his earthly span will be able to change religious individuals eternal destination from the one foreseen by the god, so the individual's choices are irrelevant.

So Where's the Free Will?
Check out Let's think about God - the multiverse's first bastard? for a closer look at this, or,
for a Quantum exploration, God and the laws of Physics - All Alone in the Multiverse?

The religious version of free will restricts true free will to only one choice -

Live your earthly life without true free will (by following the rules of the doctrine) or suffer removal of your post-death free will forever.
Or to put it another way -

If you don't get into heaven, it's an automatic red card and off to hell with you.
Or, more succinctly -


There's no "third way" with religious Free Will,
no "eternity my way" option!

The religious concept of free will, is simply not free will!
Is it?
Can it honestly be described that way?
And if you say it can,
What would we then call the level of Free Will,
which does not impose those
'believe or burn' restrictions?
Free Will Plus?
Freeer Will?
Super Free Will?

Surely the ability to choose one's eternity is about free will?

There are so many other options -
  • I use my free will to choose have the ability to change at will from animal form to animal form, gaining experience of what it is like to be them for eternity.
  • I choose to be a box of chocolates for eternity - yes then the 'afterlife is like a box of chocolates' too. lol.
  • I choose to travel the stars as an ethereal observer for some of eternity then run a sweet shop in Yorkshire for ten years, then open ended millenia as a big pink butterfly.
  • I use my free will to choose to leave my choice about my eternity until after I've died.
  • I use my free will to choose no eternity for me.
  • I use my free will to choose to not take part in your petty power struggle! Why don't you just grow up! You're like a pair of toddlers fighting over a rusk! You want your heads banging together! Come on shake hands and make friends. Work out some sort of power sharing scheme or something! We are sick of this! Why should we have to suffer eternal tortures just because, you two can't settle your differences! Are you too stubborn, or too stupid to notice that if you two just kissed and made up, all the torture and torment could stop! Anyway - Whatever! I OPT OUT!
Religions demand that you play the god's game, by the god's rules, or when you die, if he thinks you've been a bad player you get tormented for eternity. The free will religion offers only exists within the parameters of the delicate sensibilities of the high priests of that doctrine, that is not FREE will but as I said, Oppression

Now here's the twister!

As we all really know, there is no god whatsoever, So that state of oppression is self-inflicted! Those who believe, want to, and do so freely! They choose to subjugate themselves beneath an oppressive regime of self imposed fear, so they can take succour and shelter in their self built gilded cage!
What brain disease causes such self-repression to be not only abundant within society, but also, until now (and possibly still now) expected and accepted as normal?

We are so doomed!

If you liked ths ponder on freewill, there's a deeper one here - "A Superposition of Quantifiable Causality"
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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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