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Do Americans Not See Themselves As A Team?

I had not thought much about health care until everything kicked off last week and I started hearing the horror stories from Americans about their apparently selfish and heartless system. Until then I'd assumed that the American system would be as good as Britain's NHS, but just simply funded differently.
I've been shocked by the stories I've heard from many Americans about their health care, you can read some on my blog comments. Stories of how Americans have been permanently disabled or disfigured, because they personally couldn't afford medical care at their time of need. (Makes the big book of British smiles seem less important - don't you think?)
I am astonished because, myself and all members of my family, from my great grandmother to my youngest nephew, AND EVERYONE I KNOW, have been in the complete care of the NHS for all our lives. NONE of us ever had to consider the cost of treatment, or put treatment off for thrift's sake.
Disablement and disfigurement for the lack of cash has been absent from Britain for more half a century. It's unheard of!
The first thought for every citizen in the UK is - call the ambulance and if it can be fixed, the NHS Will fix it, no charge. I can't begin to describe what a great comfort the system is. (Although my heart attack story tells it's own truth about the value of an NHS)
See The Great British National Health Service Saved My Life

With the American system it seems, one must make a judgement call, at a time when you are least able, as to the value of your life!
Is my life more valuable than the debt I'm about to incur?
Whereas, with the British system, at the time when you are least able, there is this great team of people at your instant disposal, and they are all in it, only to save your skin! NO CHARGE!

I don't get why Americans think that's a bad idea!!
It seems contrary to the stuff we know about America!

Probably one of the most recognisable buzz-phrases is from American movies, where high school coaches trip out the trite line "There is no I in Team", but the the adage does not seem to apply to the 'great nation of America'! Your health care seems to be all about 'I', displaying no team spirit whatsoever! Why is your health care not a team?

Another buzz phrase - 'Divide and Conquer' (Julius Caesar)

When you've managed to stomp all over your own civilisation and are giving whoops and cheers that you defeated Obama's humane health care reform, please remember that you've done the bidding of the pharmaceutical giants!

Of course they want you to think a National Health Service is bad and evil

They make more money
selling you your medicines,
one pill to one customer at a time.

The corporations fuel your fear of socialism to keep you from banding into the force they fear.

Defy them
Forge your country into a family,
and remember,
Together Everyone Achieves More

When 300 million people buy their medicines together, they can pretty much dictate the price! Hell - 300 million people can buy a licence to make their own pills!!
300 million people acting with one voice!
No corporation in the universe
can drown out that kind of noise!

So, why let the corporations have your cash, when you could be using it to fund the American dream for all?

You say that ANY American can follow the American dream to the white house, and it would seem, that, as you now have your first black leader, the dream is true
but is it actually false?
Not so much a lie,
but an accidental falsehood?
If president Obama had been born with a congenital heart problem, which had needed constant medical care for the whole of his life, his medical insurance would have run out before he got chance to lead you in your 'yes we can' dream.
He would therefore not have had the opportunity for the American dream.
As it is for each and every American who has been tossed away because of the lack of a fully functioning National health-care team.
All, automatically denied the American dream.

Every person disabled or disfigured when their health insurance runs out, is lost from a nations potential.
Why choose to waste potential?

Look to your future USA
Tell me, to which U.S. family will the next Abraham Lincoln or Samuel Clemence be born? A rich or a poor one?
Impossible to tell right! And if it's impossible to tell, it's foolhardy to play favourites.
Whether that potential great talent survives to be a great talent, could be down to whether he has adequate personal health insurance!
How can you think entrusting the health care of your future geniuses to random chance is a good idea?
People are the future of a nation - why toss potential aside because the corporations encourage you to fear each other?

Without the solidarity brought by caring for all,
a nation is not a band of kinsmen under one banner,
but just a bunch of potential enemies,
existing in an uncomfortable truce.

I wonder if that explains all the blunderbusses?

I don't think the notion of death panels would occur in a nation of kinsmen.

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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