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21 days in May
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UK Shame - Nick Griffin BNP Elected

Total UK electorate (those elligible to vote) 40,300,527
2009 turnout = 14,032,420 (34.8% of electorate)
BNP Share = 916,424 (2.27% of electorate)

European Election 2009: UK Results

An open letter
To the infantile, unenlightened, insecure dinosaurs who chose Hate on June the 4th.
You voted British National Party - You have made an inhumane choice and must therefore be considered Evil or, at the very least, too stupid to recognise the similarities between the National Front, the BNP and the NAZI Party.

Half a century ago, the final WW2 bodycount totaled 50 million people dead. ALL deaths caused by exactly the same sort of Nationalist Party, to whom you have just chosen to give your support.
It was your choice to laugh at the sacrifice made by all our loved ones who died fighting against fascism in WW2.
You should no longer be allowed to call yourselves British; Brown Shirts, Collaborators, Nazi, Racist, Elitist, Fascist are all labels you can still use, but British is now out of bounds to you.

It would be a delightfully ironic twist if those sad, small-minded separatists, those 916,424 inhumans who chose segregation rather than integration, racism over tolerance, were rounded up and deported as undesirables, party to the Hate crime that is Nick Griffin's BNP.
You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are a disgusting disgrace, a stain on humanity that we all thought we had expunged more than half a century ago.

For me, voting BNP is as clear an indication as I can think of, of mental incapacity. Those choosing BNP should be denied the vote on grounds of insanity.

To Fuhrer Nick Griffin, (head Racist scum herder)
British jobs for british workers?
I ask again - By what method will the you define who is truly British?
How truly British does one have to be to considered worthy of a Job?
How long before compulsory DNA testing is introduced to discover who is truly white?
One last thing ol' Nick - if you were DNA tested, how sure are you that you are totally white?

I am ashamed of you and all the Racists who support your message of hate.


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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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