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21 days in May
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Corrupt Politicians? You Couldn't Make It Up!

Just read Libby Purves column Whatever happened to personal honour? at the Times online
"...But parliamentary democracy is in real trouble now. Since some (not all) MPs have played the system, people find it hard to believe that any of them are really there to serve their country. Worse still, the idea of personal honour is tarnished..."
It's a nice piece, well worth a read, but I've quoted this because I think it sums up the current situation for me.

If in one's daily life one chooses to answer cleverly, knowing one has mislead the questioner, by concealing the fulllness of the truth and presenting the facts to show oneself in a better light, then one is being deceiptful.

If one is being deceiptful - one is a deceiver.

Politicos of Britain, in your heart of hearts, was that always what you wanted to be?

Did you always class yourself alongside cads, bounders and skammers, or do Ivanhoe, Robin Hood and King Arthur feature higher in your personal perception of your spirit?

Are Politicians today deceivers?
They present the facts to show themselves or their party were right, or in the right, or at least, not wrong.
It's seen (only by their party) as part of their job to constantly prove that they or their party are perfect.

Is deception pervasive, does it bleed through to other areas? Does 'playing the system' become an inevitable consequence?

Probably, we all know power corrupts!

As a solution to the current, national embarassment, heaped upon us by our servants, I'd go with fomulaic graded pay levels, PM, Top level Cab jobs, Cabinet Jobs, then PPP's etc; linked to X% above average wage or something and I'd cap expenses claims, again graded with MP's parliamentary status.

As to the second home allowance?
The Prime Minister has a state paid apartment but he does not get to choose where it is, why should other (lesser) MP's?

In three years time the 2012 Olympic Village will be the site of new development. (From london2012.com - plans for olympic park)
Plenty of space there for a secure gated community of 650 suitably equipped and maintaned apartments, each sufficient for MP and their immediate family.

Who knows, It might even serve to remind them what excellence is all about!

Although it wouldn't be long before some brilliant young TV producer came up with the idea of streaming 24hr footage from the Big Brother Housing Estate. lol

This is one of the Too many questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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