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God and the laws of Physics - All alone in the Multiverse?

God and the laws of Physics - All Alone in the Multiverse?
The concept of the Parallel dimensions is a theme well travelled by Science fiction writers. To name but five examples:-
  • Captain Kirk and crew met other versions of themselves in Star Trek.
  • The fantastically funny episode of Red Dwarf explored a parallel world where time ran 'Backwards'.
  • 'Sliders' entire concept was exploring alternate Earths via an inter-dimensional portal.
  • Samantha Carter gives various explanations of the 'multiverse' in Stargate, specifically in the 'Quantum mirror' episodes.
  • Dr Who's escapades with Rose Tyler.
The 'multiverse' comes in many guises with descriptions that combine the words 'Multiple, Alternate or Parellel' with 'worlds, earths, dimensions or realities', but all are born on the back of 'real' theoretical physics that's been around since the early twentieth century
As you'll know, if you've read my previous posts, my primary focus is on the supernatural landscape depicted in the earthly tenets, so this week I thought it would be fun to attempt a preliminary exploration of the concept of the multiverse as it may apply to that landscape.

Okay so it's my idea of fun! Snigger if you want...

As you probably have at least some childhood indoctrination of the landscape (you know the 'god' stuff) the start point, for those of you whom are not Sci-Fi aficionados, is a quick background to the relevant points of Quantum mechanics. So brace yourselves...


Form Wikipedia

"The idea of complementarity is critical in quantum mechanics. It says that light can be both a particle and a wave.
When the double slit experiment was performed, light acted in some cases as a wave, and some cases as a particle. Physicists had no convincing theory to explain this until Bohr and complementary came along. Quantum mechanics allows things that are completely opposite intuitively to each other to exist without problem."
Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics

"In layman's terms, this means that, in some sense, there is a very large, perhaps infinite, number of universes and that everything that could possibly happen in our universe (but doesn't) does happen in another universe."

What that means, for the purpose of this blog,
(just to make sure we're clear)
as Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests,
we live in a multiverse

(Many parallel universes super-imposed in our space and time)
where all possibilities play out
(Alternate realities, other possible outcomes of our reality)
then there must be -
  1. a universe where the god of the tenets (omni,omni,omni,eterni) exists.
  2. a universe where the god of the tenets (omni,omni,omni,eterni) exists but is what we would consider Satan.
  3. a universe where the god depicted in the tenets exists in not full but combination states (omni,omni)(omni, eterni)(etc.etc)
  4. a universe where the god of the tenets exists in single states (omni)(omni)(omni)(eterni)
  5. a universe where the god of the tenets exists as anything you'd like to think of
  6. a universe where the NO god exists.
  7. (a explanation of my shorthand 'omni, omni, omni, eterni' is listed here)
Now. We are led to believe that the deity of which the various tenets speak is a perfect being; this means that

Improvement is not required, not necessary or impossible.
BUT as each universe ONLY exists because of a 'difference', a 'god' that exists in all universes simultaneously, DIRECTLY opposes the theory - that means that
No god can be considered omnipresent!
The moment that the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics was proved true, it would negate the god concept outright, because it suggests ALL possibilities are played out in some universe or other anyway. MWI would make the concept of "god's will" irrelevant because
NO ONE'S will is being served
Even if one were to concede that a god made the multiverse, then 'his will' after that conception point would again amount to irrelevance because,

To make the point more personally relevant; If as the tenets suggest the human form has a soul, then every human in the multiverse must have either, one soul in each universe, or each body in each universe contains a fraction of single soul which is infinitely spread between universes - making a multi-dimensional 'ubersoul'!
( I think the latter is more likely, however, as we are philosophising on 'bleeding edge' of realities other possibilities may be equally likely. I'm a philosopher not a scientist! )
So we'll say, an ubersoul is spread across all its multiverse bodies.
What does that mean to the concept of the soul paying for the misdemeanours of life in an afterlife?
Well, if your soul-fraction in this universe is peace loving, then your soul-fraction in another universe is war loving.
If you don't stab that annoying person at work with a fork 400 times, another version of your soul does! (she probably deserved it anyway!)

But it's worse than that! EVERY possibility gets played out, so there are parallel realities where the victim gets stabbed 399 times, 1399 times, infinite times and in a range of circumstances that add up to everything from 'complete accident' to 'premeditated murder' or worse still to mass murder, if one extends the paradigm to include 'stabbing 400 people with a fork' instead of 'one person 400 times!!

Sorry! I wish I'd chosen better at the start of that example,
then there wouldn't have been quite so much of the stabbing and the killing.
Hey, I've just thought though, in some universes I did!! LOL.
Anyway, where was I?

The concept of the multiverse clearly prevents
ANYONE fulfilling ANY laws, let alone a god's!
Further, as no soul-fraction would be aware of it's ubersoul's ongoing tally of good or bad, no adjustments can be attempted, and any and all attempts would be instantly counteracted by the multiverse, making them irrelevant anyway! So NO ubersoul would be able to achieve a balanced quantity of moral and immoral events!

The more you believe in god in this dimension
the more atheist you become in another!

Which, I feel brings us to an end with a conclusion that as always isn't, but at least this time it brings with it a delightfully apt new perspective to a trite proverb

You're not damned if you do
and you're not damned if you don't!

This is one of the Too many questions


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Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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