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21 days in May
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The TRUE shape of your SOUL

To my knowledge, no one has ever seen a soul; we are replete with camp fire stories of it's poorly described and occasionally mischievous cousin, the ghost, but

an actual soul, I don't think so.

I started wondering, what one might look like.
My initial image was of a white glowing human shape but I instantly realised, that image was more ghost than soul. However, as an initial 'think' it was a good start because it highlighted my first real understanding; it occurred to me that the soul would have no need to be the same shape as the human container it previously inhabited. Indeed it would be kind of pointless for the soul to be the same,

the whole point of the soul seems to be the removal of the person from the constraints of the human body!

A logical extension of the realisation brings you rushing to the further enlightenment - the very characteristics by which we label each other, colour, race, creed, sex, gender, height, weight, intellect, physical ability or disability, are all things which you would be released from when you become a soul; they would become to you mere nostalgic notions of what was!!
Brilliant I thought, my physical disabilities would fall away.
Then I realised that if those human attributes fall away, how would one identify a possible partner, the old human limitations wouldn't apply. - You can't go for big boobs, long legs, a sixpack or nice bum, because the soul you 'fancy' doesn't display those items, come to that it wouldn't display, as I've said, any outward gender or sex,

how would you know you weren't
having a relationship with a soul
that was previously of the same sex?
Unless they told you, you may not. But homosexuality is prohibited by most if not all religions, how can this be, surely, when one falls in love, one is falling in love with the personality or soul, the physical appearance may even be completely irrelevant.
My personal labels are many but we can go with; Atheist Iconoclast, Speckled, Ginger, Gentle Giant, Straight, Athletic and Insatiable - As an Atheist, I cannot find any reason to expect that a soul exists within anybody but if there was -

what shaped soul would that list of attributes make?

So, no conclusions here just a question,

What do you imagine for the form of your soul?

This is one of the Too many questions

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If you enjoy what you read here
you will also enjoy my novel
21 days in May

Please be aware this blog may be considered Illegal almost anywhere!

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