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Nick Griffin BNP Question Time

I know I've plugged this video before, but it's so completely brilliant, I thought I'd drop it on here and, by way of an introduction, a lymerick...
A BNP blowhard named Griffin,
on the Question Time panel was sittin'
and eight million viewers,
maybe more, but no fewer,
heard the odious bile he was spittin'.


Thanks Cassetteboy

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United States of Atheism

I wouldn't normally step into the historical politics of a nation to which I was not born, but I've often heard American citizens proclaim USA as a Christian Nation.
The document below seems to clearly deny that, and quite categorically I'd say.
(I've ommited articles 1-10 here, but they can found by following the full article link below.)

Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary

Authored by American diplomat Joel Barlow in 1796, the following treaty was sent to the floor of the Senate, June 7, 1797, where it was read aloud in its entirety and unanimously approved. John Adams, having seen the treaty, signed it and proudly proclaimed it to the Nation.

Annals of Congress, 5th Congress
Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

Seems as though Ye Olde U S of A
was always intended to be Atheist!
Gotta love them founding fathers
Makes you wonder if their true intent was a
United States for Atheists?

Full article here
'Official Confirmation that the United States is NOT a Nation Founded on Christianity'

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The Fuss about Fitna

Yeah Yeah I know, I've been a bit lax, I only watched this film yesterday.
It is supposed to be frightfully offensive, so I had not bothered to have a look, but I stumbleupon, and I stumbled upon it yesterday, so I watched.
You can choose to view or not, I am not promoting the movie, just trying to provide the background to my feelings after viewing it.

FITNA the Movie: Geert Wilders' film about the Quran (English)


I don't know if the translations of the passages displayed in the film are correct, I have only English.
I don't know Geert Wilders, I've never met him, I don't know his actual personal opinions.
I don't know if he is actually a racist, I don't know if he's even sane!
I don't know anything other than other peoples opinions I've read of him, so I have no basis on which to form a personal opinion.
But as said, I just watched his film.

Yes it portrays the worst aspects of Islam;
the mad rantings of power crazed religious generals
the inhumane destruction of human life at their order,
the subjugation of women
and the abuse of children.

I am not saying that these types of atrocities are exclusive to Islam, the insanity of spiritual elitism rears it's beastly head in most religions. Most have perpetrated slaughtering crusades, been cruel to their 'ill-fitting' indigenous population and carried out countless abuses.
But surely the only Muslims to whom Fitna can be offensive, are the ones who believe that the images, clips and quotes, are lies; in short that Islam has been falsely represented.

I don't know if that is true,
I've never read the Quran.
What I do know is
Without the Quran
(and the overzealous purveyors of it's intolerant passages)
Fitna would have looked a lot like this


Is the Muslim reaction to Fitna just a case of shooting the messenger?
As the film only uses images and footage featuring those faithful to Islam, has Wilders just held up a mirror?
And if so, are Muslims cross because they have been embarrassed by the truth, or because they think it was a lie?

Catholics seem to be of one (if quite quiet) voice, that the abusive priests should be 'dealt with' and, to my knowledge, not one word has been said against those who broke that story. Why are Muslims not similarly enraged?

Why is all the Muslim noise against the film maker and almost nothing against the bloodthirsty hate-filled preachers inflaming the fear and anger of the faithfully chanting lynch mobs who are horrifyingly abundant feature of the film?

For me it seems clear, unless they are under an oppressive regime, sane people do not rant and rave against an expose of the horrors and atrocities which are tolerated, promoted or prosecuted by a powerful organisation.
Sane people do not choose to sweep injustice and bigotry under a magic carpet.
And as most Muslims I know seem relatively sane, we must assume that it is the powerful organisation's attempt to deflect attention from the view of reality the film projects?


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Sell The Vatican, Feed The World - Brilliant

Sarah Silverman's ambitious plan for feeding the world?
Sell The Vatican

Genius Sarah!

Please sign the uk.gov petition to get the Pope Banned from the UK.

Need another reason to ban the pope?

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Pillock Pope Pardons Pervert Priests

Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican
"The Vatican has lashed out at criticism over its handling of its paedophilia crisis by saying the Catholic church was "busy cleaning its own house" and that the problems with clerical sex abuse in other churches were as big, if not bigger.
In a defiant and provocative statement, issued following a meeting of the UN human rights council in Geneva, the Holy See said the majority of Catholic clergy who committed such acts were not paedophiles but homosexuals attracted to sex with adolescent males."
Riazat Butt, religious affairs correspondent, and Anushka Asthana.
Full Story - Guardian.co.uk 28/09/09

The vatican deflecting blame - who'da thunk it!
How twisted and, as many have already said,
"So, that makes it alright then does it?

Dear Papa Joe,

Is the subtext of your message that the Catholic church now think it's okay to be gay? It sounds a lot like that! Or, are you hinting that the scandal is less scandalous, by suggesting that being gay is not as offensive, to you and your creator god, as paedophilia?
Please clarify, I'm sure many enquiring minds want to KILL YOU know!
What a massive grasp of reality you haven't! How rude to mention the two in the same sentence, like one is intrinsic to, or a greater form of, the other.
Is this what your god is telling you to teach you flock? Or do you think up all your own offensive nonsense?

These priests are not harmless as you have intimated!
As far as I can see they fall into one of two groups,

the preist chose the path fully aware of his wants and desires and, because of the ready access to the children/youths, saw the flock as easy pickings, which as far as I'm concerned is the predatory behaviour of a paedophile or sex offender.

instead of displaying the courage to honourably come out, which I guess for most gay men is a kind of right of passage, a rebirth into their adult self or something, these priests have hidden their core being from society, and maybe themselves, largely because of the shame it would bring to family and friends. We all know how bigoted and closed minded the less intelligent members of humanity can be when backed up by religious doctrine! And this shame is promoted by their own faith's scripture as punishable with an eternity of torture. You can understand their fear! But to choose to hide that religiously inflicted shame, where their god can see them the most clearly, right under his nose, in the alter boy's changing room!
I don't no what kind of fucked up that is, but I'd say there's a little bit of not quite right in the head going on there. (Was that PC enough, I'm trying! I wanted to say; Crazy whacked out nut job's!)

The point is those are not the actions of a SANE gay man.

So, me little Papal Pal, worst case scenario - The priests accused of abuse are all found guilty of paedophilia! Best case scenario - They are all found insane, sent that way by the repressive doctrine you proffer as divine.

It's not looking good is it?

Probably best to dismantle the church

(proceeds to the needy of course)
and all go your separate ways in shame!

Unless you subscribe to the third option!
Maybe they are just playing following their leader... No, not you Papa Joe, their "real" leader... continued ...http://crispysea.blogspot.com/2009/10/and-your-god-watched.html

For more Catholic Evilness or to watch the video
"The History of the Catholic Church’s Pedophile"
Click the Catholic Evilness Tab above

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And Your God Watched

Your god you claim is omnipresent,
so he had front row seat for everything

We excelled at sports
And Your God watched

We conquered the Land
And Your God watched

We travelled the Seas
And Your God watched

We mastered the Skies
And Your God watched

We went to the moon
And Your God watched

We made our discoveries
And Your God watched

Famine destroys millions
And Your God watches

Fathers perpetrate 'honour' killings
And Your God watches

Wars slaughter innocents
And Your God watches

Paedophiles abuse children
And Your God watches

Every entry in the column on the right,
carried out their heinous crimes

I'm sure you'd attempt to intervene in any abomination against children, whether directly, or by calling the authorities. I know I would - probably directly - I have a feeling I'd be compelled to step to the murdering paedo bastard and end them!

Strikes me, anybody sitting that close and choosing to not intervene, must be...
Enjoying listening to Evey tortured scream, every moan from every child! Enjoying the smell of their blood and fear. Enjoying the sense the life draining from their mutilated bodies. Enjoying the attackers elation and joy! Enjoying letting the attacker walk away unchecked, from the tortured little body. Enjoying the whole horrific show!

You maintain that your
God Works in Mysterious Ways
But in this instance, your God's 'mysterious' ways
look a lot like a
Wow, that's something you don't notice everyday! How did we get there! lol.
Perhaps as far as the paedo' priests are concerned,

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

And, as far as I'm concerned

If you follow that omnipotent god,
you condone his continuing inaction.

My question is simple -
Why would anyone choose to follow a such a beast?

Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish:
1870 - 1936

American Serial killer, child rapist, and cannibal.

Carl Panzram:
1891 - 1930

American serial killer, murdered 21, sodomised over 1000 males.

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo:
1936 - 1994

Russian serial killer, murderer of 52 women and children.

'The Moors murderers':
Ian Brady:
1938 - Present (prison).
Myra Hindley:
1942 - 2002

The couple brutally murdered several victims.

Dean Corll:
1939 - 1973

American serial killer "The Candy Man", with two teen accomplices abducted, raped, tortured and murdered a minimum of 28 young boys.

Dennis Lynn Rader:
1945 - Present

American serial killer 'The BTK Strangler'= "Bind, Torture, Kill", murdered 10.

Pedro Alonzo Lopez:
1948 - Present

Whereabouts unknown, Columbian serial killer, "The Monster of the Andes", responsible for the rape and murder of 350 girls.

Richard Trenton Chase:
1950 - 1980

US serial killer, "The Vampire of Sacramento" brutally killed six people, Had sex with at least one of his victim's pregnant corpse, he also drank/bathed in their blood and cannibalised their remains.

Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah:
1957 - 2008

American sex offender, convicted of kidnapping, repeatedly molested, tortured, and attempted to murder children.Suspected of murdering a child then disposing of the body through cannibalistic ways that involved his unsuspecting neighbors.

John Evander Couey:
1958 - Present

American sex offender/murderer kidnapped raped and killed nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford.

Wayne Bertram Williams:
1958 - Present

American serial killer who committed 23 of 29 of the Atlanta Child Murders (1979-81) and two adult men.

Ward Francis Weaver lll:
1963 - Present

Imprisoned for sexual assault, rape, attempted murder and for killing Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

Karla Leanne Homolka/Teale:
1970 - Present

Released from prison 2005, Canadian killer, drugging, raping, torturing and killing young girls And her own sister.

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More on this here
Let's think about God - the multiverse's first bastard?

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They Are Praying For Me Now

Praying for me is lovely and all, but check out the delightful homage to free speech - highlighted in red.
Sunday, 4 October 2009
A Fellow Blogger.


I have decided to amend this post, as the owner of the blog contacted me in relation to posting some material from his site, on the condition that i give him a link. Due to the nature of his blog i have decided to remove his part in this conversation rather than subject you all to his posts.

We have a great and loving god who tries to reach out to the hardened hearts of the self-righteous who love all earthly things and deny the grace of God a place in their lives. I have, instead, written here a prayer which i have made for this gentleman who goes by the name of Crispy.

Dear Heavenly Father
The grace that you pour out on us is eternal. We come to you not because of a simple promise of eternity, but by our own human helplessness. It is our on destruction and habit that has caused this world which you created so perfectly to fall into. The world is so involved in mind over matter and matter over mind that we forget that what we do on the outside means nothing to you. Anything we do, eat, think is washed away in the glorious name of your son Jesus who, because you loved us so much, came and died on a cross of despair and humiliation. I consider this gentleman Crispy in my prayers today Lord, i consider his words which are determined to act as the forked tongue of the devil against your mighty and everlasting word. Let him realise Lord, that his attempts to chip away at your word will never succeed. Many a hammer of criticism has fallen on the rock of your word Lord, but none have chipped a single piece from it. Give him grace that he will realise your word and respond to it before it is too late. Today could be his day of salvation lord. Today is the day for him to come to you. Let him realise that in his human condition he does not have the strength and power to reach out to you and all that he has to call to you is his prayers so that you will descend your spirit on him and pull him out of the cesspit he lies in. Father God, like so many other people of our world he is lost, he clings to no destiny or hope. All his fears, emotions and realisations are all false and will die with him. Nothing without you exists father please let him realise. This is my sincere prayer for this man. In Jesus most beautiful name, Amen.


Do you think the piece highlighted in green sounds a little like he's trying to convince himself? Me thinks prehaps, he doth protest too much! LOL

I'm not sure I want the prayers of an opponent of free speech, so I'll leave it their with an ironic Awww Bless!!! LOL.

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