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This Is Easy That Is Difficult

This post was inspired by the nauseatingly numerous theists' comments across, sadly, many forums in denial of evolution. The comments usally read something like...
"Even after all I've heard from atheists, I still feel that total belief in evolution
takes a whole lot more imagination than a belief in God the creator!"
I think we can all lay claim to having heard the religious exhibit this kind of poor thinking that seems to be a consequence of faith; they seem quite often to be confused about which things are complicated and which are easy, what is obvious and what is not.
I'll try to illustrate -
It seems to me that to be convinced of god most people only have to be told "there is one and you'd better watch out if you're naughty" I use that phraseology because most are brainwashed at a time when the god notion is easily embeded - as children. It's simply a matter of not considering any alternatives from that point - you just continue to do what you were told to do as a child and follow whichever dogma your innocence was force fed.
So, relatively easy to achieve belief in a God

Conversely it seems, to be convinced of evolution one has to study hard for a good number of years, collecting the multivarious components of evidence which point to a reasonable conclusion that evolution is the true mechanisn for the arrival of life on earth. Some very big words are involved, one must comprehend data and listen to lectures, one is required to sit numerous exceedingly difficult exam; and all whilst living under the socially perpetuated perspective that for what you're studying you will be condemned to an eternity of torment - a difficulty which is much more intense for any previously 'devout/faithful' biologist - Acceptance that because the evidence leads to evolution as the conclusion, the individual's lifetime experience via the pervasive social and government backed GOD indoctination must be wrong. The pre-indoctrinated must then spend countless years not only self deprogramming, eventually, hopefully, expunging religious feelings/guilt/doubt completely from the conscious mind but also question the reasons behind government backing of the lie!
Those who comprehend the facts of evolution know it MEANS there is no god, however not all those who comprehend are capable of breaking the programming, and others are not strong enough to stand without the (false) hope of a heavenly visit with long mouldy relatives.
In the face of such adversity, it seems to me, an infinitely more difficult achievment for
an individual to become convinced of evolution.

So yes, one could say it takes more imagination to believe in evolution, but it only takes imagination if you incapable of learning the facts. Learn the facts and you don't need any imagination, it's suddenly patently obvious. Whereas with a god figure, one can ONLY imagine - there are no facts to present!

As a tentative conclusion (which it never is with this bloody topic!) if the religious have that much trouble comprehending the more "Black and White" parameters of "Easy" and "Difficult", it's understandable that the more subtle concepts of "MORE LIKELY" and "LESS LIKELY" are less easily grasped.
Random event forms the universe
A full formed god pops into existance fully equipped with more knowledge, understanding and powers than any other being has since been able to come close to achieving

I wonder, if you dissected a religious persons brain, if you would find synaptic connections that showed the person also thought black was white, right was left, up was down etc. lol.
With this in mind fellow warriors of reason step forth
but tread carefully, they are not right you know!
Really, I mean it, beware - that much delusion in one place
can only be dangerous!
Check this
(I think it's how we got them!)
Humanity and Religion - Recipe for Disaster?

Finally, as you might have guessed, a couple of questions...
In proclaiming "it takes MORE imagination to believe in evolution than god", doesn't the use of the word 'more' imply that a measurable amount of imagination is required to achieve belief in a god? And, doesn't the proclamation thereby imply that even the proclaimer, often a staunch believer, has some comprehension that the god their god is imaginary?

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Religion IS Restriction

I read an article in the Christian Science Monitor entitled "Religious freedom not the rule for majority of world: Pew report". It detailed the findings of a 2009 report by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life, highlighting that nearly 70% of the world's population live in countries with "High" or "Very High" religious restrictions and, that no nation is fully free of religious restrictions. The Christian Science Monitor article concluded by asking if the reader is surprised at the high levels of religious restriction around the globe.
It bangs on about the Pew report like it's news! Like it's telling us something new!
Are they f**kin' kidding?

Does this go some way to explaining the religious mindset? This is the Christian Science Monitor!
Someone there must be of a decent rate of intelligence, the editor must at least have some sort of qualification or experience.
How is it nobody noticed that the question can only have one answer?
...surprised at the high levels of religious restriction around the globe?

Not surprised AT ALL

Religions function by being a set of rules, which corral and control their devotees' personal life choices!

By definition religions
If there is religion in a country,
there is restriction -
It's the nature of the beast!!

Check out Religious Free Will - The Ultimate Oxymoron for more on this.
Supporting Articles:-
"Religious freedom not the rule for majority of world: Pew report" CSMonitor.com Article

2009 Pew Report PewForum.org Analysis Article

Also, whilst we're here, the title - "The Christian Science Monitor" Smacks of Oxymoron to me, does it you? Or does it just smack of nonsense?

Surely, as Science is Science,
the phrase "Christian Science" can only have one of three meanings:-

The publication covers topics that are specifically to do with the science of being a Christian

Christians need a special department of science that is different to real science (but if it's different to actual science is it real?)
Christians need the facts massaged into a form that won't upset their chocolate box view of the universe.

I suggest that only the first meaning could be considered a valid reason for the title and as, I believe, there are no observable physiological changes to the human body which could be claimed to be caused by religious affiliation (circumcision excepted) even that meaning is irrelevant.

Purpose of Christian Science Monitor? Dubious?

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How America Cares

More than half a century later

Does America really look any different?

From masters of photography.com

Free Care
is not the same as

American's - Could they care any less?

"No no sir, I cannot afford to help you to buy
the tablet that you NEED to save your life
because my focus is on destroying life
and I need to buy some new bullets."

Is America too focussed on destroying life to consider helping to save it?

More on Health Care

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Faith is NOT Part of Our Bloodstream

The Church of England's top Cleric - A very confused Cassock?

Dr Williams told The Daily Telegraph: “The trouble with a lot of Government initiatives about faith is that they assume it is a problem, it’s an eccentricity, it’s practised by oddities, foreigners and minorities.

“The effect is to de-normalise faith, to intensify the perception that faith is not part of our bloodstream. And, you know, in great swaths of the country that’s how it is.”

Rt Rev Stephen Lowe, the former Bishop of Urban Life. He said: “He’s absolutely on the ball. Religion is seen as being a problem because of the connection between radical Islam and terrorism that has tainted all religions.


What you have failed to notice my dear ArchBish is that the opinion, of which you've suddenly become aware, is the right one - people of faith ARE oddballs.

  • They gather together with others who are also of the opinion that the human body has an undetectable part.
(Check The TRUE shape of your SOUL for more on this.)

  • They think that there's a supreme creator of everything!
(Check The Most Probable Thing in the Omniverse? for more on this.)

  • They think that their wailing and caterwauling to, and about, him is actually pleasing that God, but because the God they are told to worship can never be fulfilled or surprised...
(Check Let's Think About God for more on this.)

  • They think that because they believe in their fairy story to the point of defensive obsession, they have the right to be treated as reasonable human beings, but they are no more than scared children so...
(Check Religion - Refuge of the Weak and Powerless? for more on this.)

I could go on, but I feel we have sufficient...

A simple conflation then
(Probabbly the only kind of conflation available to the Government, or the ArchBish for that matter!)
brings us to the same conclusion as the beardy ArchBish




(Check The Cost Of Faith for more on this.)

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Irish Catholic Church Apologises for Abuse

Well! Yet another apology by high up Catholics about their previous ommissions of conscience.
How very very big of them!
Irish Catholic church apologises for abuse by priests

Cardinal Brady said children's welfare was now a priority

The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland has said he is deeply sorry and ashamed about the widespread sexual abuse of children by priests.

Cardinal Sean Brady also apologised for the way the Church covered up the abuse, which happened in Dublin...

...Cardinal Brady's words were echoed by the current Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, who said he offered "to each and every survivor, my apology, my sorrow and my shame for what happened to them".

from BBC News

One thing is for sure, if this current crop of Cardinals in Papa Joe's paedo factory knew about the kiddie fiddlers within it's ranks, then previous Cardinals also knew.
If the Cardinals have always known, then all the Popes must also have known!
I'm no lawyer, but doesn't that make them all


As I suggested in "The Pope Regrets - Big Deal!"
"...The Catholic Church should surely be providing all the victims of its minions, however much psychological counselling they need.

Until the Catholic Church properly holds up its hands and provides funding for their victims counselling expenses there's no Catholic on the planet who can even see the moral high ground, let alone stand on it.

See more Catholic disgraces on the Catholic Evilness Tab above

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The Backwards Pope

For donkeys years,
the Christian church has raised merry hell,
about what you can hear,
if you play rock and roll backwards.
Well check out the Pope!


The original advert for their christmas fund raising drive is below. If you want a copy click the link below it. Hey, I'm all for freedom of speech.

Ironic though isn't it!
the time when they
(Me little Papal Pal and his Paedo Production line)
say everybody is supposed to have the spirit of giving,
but the head honcho of that miserable band of the guilty,
"Papa Rapa"
is raking in cash from his minions
hypocritical hand over greedy fist!

This is exactly the sort of season when you urge all to ask
Why am I taking alms from the poor?,
has my love for
Sexy Lingere
become an addiction that's way out of control?


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Read more or watch the video"The History of the Catholic Church’s Pedophile" on the Catholic Evilness Tab above


Entirely aware that the freedoms I so fully enjoy were paid for with the blood of my ancestors, I offer grateful thanks to the fallen for the sacrifices they and their families have made, and the utmost respect to those who kept and keep us free at the cost of their own future


And we thank those sons sent to mud,
they serve us well providing memory of proportion.
so that when those things which, from time to time arise,
where one time friends, must become unallied.
we see that war is not the answer, not the option.
until the memory fades and learn again we must
through wholesale slaughter of younghest and dearest
that war is not the answer
and we should not get it all out of proportion.

Crispy Sea ©2005

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Mild Mannered Congressman Kucinich

Over the past few days I've been getting messages, saying that my cover is blown, exposed to the light of public scrutiny.
People have been suggesting that Crispy Sea and Congressman Dennis Kucinich are actually one and the same, pointing as evidence to a statement the congressman made a few days ago. And, on first inspection, I can see how so many made the assumption.

This is what he said...
Washington, Nov 6 -
Following a statement on the Floor of the House of Representative, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement:
Why is it we have finite resources for health care but unlimited money for war?

The inequities in our economy are piling up: trillions for war, trillions for Wall Street and tens of billions for the insurance companies. Banks and other corporations are sitting on piles of cash of taxpayer’s money while firing workers, cutting pay and denying small businesses money to survive.

People are losing their homes, their jobs, their health, their investments, their retirement security; yet there is unlimited money for war, Wall Street and insurance companies, but very little money for jobs on Main Street.

Unlimited money to blow up things in Iraq and Afghanistan, and relatively little money to build things in the US.

The Administration may soon bring to Congress a request for an additional $50 billion for war. I can tell you that a Democratic version of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is no more acceptable than a Republican version of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trillions for war and Wall Street, billions for insurance companies... When we were promised change, we weren’t thinking that we give a dollar and get back two cents.”

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

And this is from my blog post from the 16th August...
Look at it this way - your tax dollars are currently being spent in the millions killing foreigners for free, wouldn't you feel better about yourselves if those dollars were instead (or additionally) being spent saving lives of your families and friends?
Surely, to remain on the side of good, one must be seen to be spending as much on saving the good guys, as you do slaughtering the bad guys.

The Great British National Health Service Saved My Life

I agree they are suspiciously similar but
just because a conclusion is within easy leap,
doesn't mean one should jump straight to it

Congressman Kucinich is NOT the human on the inside of my batman suit. There's categorically no truth in it. No matter what you've heard, Crispy Sea is NOT the alter-ego of congressman Kucinich. As I've stated before,

Crispy Sea is NOT currently affiliated
with any Government or Military organisation.

"Do you think they swallowed it Dennis?"
"Shhh! stupid, they're still reading!"
"Oh....Oops.. err... err... you didn't here that!"

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In God We Trust Lawsuit Dismissed

Just read a passionate post by Hemant Mehta on Friendly atheist about the dismissed “In God We Trust” Lawsuit in which he makes three significant points.
  • "I’m no lawyer… but how is that phrase not an endorsement of religion over non-religion? (Not only that, you know the phrase refers to the Christian god…)"
  • "How is that phrase not Christian? How is it not a violation of church/state separation? How is it not a violation of the Establishment Clause?"
  • "The judge was wrong, plain and simple.

Friendly atheist

I have nothing really to add, the words "In God We Trust" are clearly the state endorsment of a god. There presence clearly makes religious belief seem more acceptable, and provides all religon with a greater significance and respectability.
It seems to me also that the judge was clearly wrong and, given my posts United States of Atheism and US 1st amendment - contradictory?, it looks to me, admittedly a non-us citizen, like the founding fathers would be clearly against his judgment aswell.

Finally, If you'll excuse a topical plug -

As the USA is arguably the most capitalist country in the world,
would it not be more apt for the money's motto to be

Ingot We Trust?
Get the Ingot We Trust T-Shirt
Get the T-Shirt

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Scraping the Rational Barrel Bottom

Another bloody idiot, slap bang in the middle of self delusion, deliberately not noticing his pet theory is just an attempt to explain away the truths discovered through his own education! Another bloody believer desperately clinging to the forlorn hope of post-death existence!
"There are near-death experiences, and that is thousands of people who have been very close to death, they have been declared clinically dead or in some cases no brain function, and they report all over the world a surprisingly uniform experience."
Dinesh D'Souza, author of "Life after death: The evidence"
Proof of 'Life After Death'

Thursday, November 05, 2009
This is a rush transcript from Fox News "On the Record".
This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

It seems to me that the author has missed the obvious here.
Is it just me, or are these near-death experiences going to be similar in nature because the world's post-death myths have global similarities? They are all human near-death experiences after all.

If you read the article, this dude seems a bit thick, I don't think he is, but his answers, and thereby one would assume the book he's plugging, seem beside even his own point!

Comparing an Alzheimers sufferers brain to the dying brain of a previously healthy individual seems not merely irrelevant but nonsensical!

Then there's the further point and question raised by My Sick Bones (http://mysickbones.blogspot.com/).
"1. What would I know of New York if I had a Near-NewYork experience. Nothing + anyway how do people know it was near death how near? 2. Being close to 'not alive' tells you nothing of death because death is absence of life."
Makes you wonder...
How much can anyone really learn about the post-death 'experience' from this type of study?

With rational barrel bottom scraping of this calibre on display in the author's 'promo' interviews, it's probably a book to avoid but if you want to find out for yourself it's Here

However, if you want to find out
what really happens when you die go

Thanks to Mattcinci's Tweeting for highlighting this nutball.

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We Have Never Had It So Good

With all the advantages and generally great stuff we have today,
How is possible you still hear people moaning?

I Just took this

Now before you go all snearing and comparing it to,
this or that amazing shot of the moon,
taken with this or that miracle camera,
I'd like to point out that I took this by holding a cheap (£50.00 from ebay)
12mp digital camera (SVP HDV-8800 with interpolation on)
to the eyepiece of a supremarket purchased (£25.00)
Bird spotting scope (20x60x60) at full zoom
through a window
(a window that in all honesty could do with a rub over with a damp cloth
to say the least!)

I think that it's brilliant (considering), and I think Gallileo would have given his testicles for equipment like this!
This is what he was able to observe!

Bloody moaners!!!!
I say - take a look around
(You can use fabulously complex digital imaging equipment if you want!)
We've never had it so good! LOL

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Nick Griffin BNP Question Time

I know I've plugged this video before, but it's so completely brilliant, I thought I'd drop it on here and, by way of an introduction, a lymerick...
A BNP blowhard named Griffin,
on the Question Time panel was sittin'
and eight million viewers,
maybe more, but no fewer,
heard the odious bile he was spittin'.


Thanks Cassetteboy

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United States of Atheism

I wouldn't normally step into the historical politics of a nation to which I was not born, but I've often heard American citizens proclaim USA as a Christian Nation.
The document below seems to clearly deny that, and quite categorically I'd say.
(I've ommited articles 1-10 here, but they can found by following the full article link below.)

Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary

Authored by American diplomat Joel Barlow in 1796, the following treaty was sent to the floor of the Senate, June 7, 1797, where it was read aloud in its entirety and unanimously approved. John Adams, having seen the treaty, signed it and proudly proclaimed it to the Nation.

Annals of Congress, 5th Congress
Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

Seems as though Ye Olde U S of A
was always intended to be Atheist!
Gotta love them founding fathers
Makes you wonder if their true intent was a
United States for Atheists?

Full article here
'Official Confirmation that the United States is NOT a Nation Founded on Christianity'

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The Fuss about Fitna

Yeah Yeah I know, I've been a bit lax, I only watched this film yesterday.
It is supposed to be frightfully offensive, so I had not bothered to have a look, but I stumbleupon, and I stumbled upon it yesterday, so I watched.
You can choose to view or not, I am not promoting the movie, just trying to provide the background to my feelings after viewing it.

FITNA the Movie: Geert Wilders' film about the Quran (English)


I don't know if the translations of the passages displayed in the film are correct, I have only English.
I don't know Geert Wilders, I've never met him, I don't know his actual personal opinions.
I don't know if he is actually a racist, I don't know if he's even sane!
I don't know anything other than other peoples opinions I've read of him, so I have no basis on which to form a personal opinion.
But as said, I just watched his film.

Yes it portrays the worst aspects of Islam;
the mad rantings of power crazed religious generals
the inhumane destruction of human life at their order,
the subjugation of women
and the abuse of children.

I am not saying that these types of atrocities are exclusive to Islam, the insanity of spiritual elitism rears it's beastly head in most religions. Most have perpetrated slaughtering crusades, been cruel to their 'ill-fitting' indigenous population and carried out countless abuses.
But surely the only Muslims to whom Fitna can be offensive, are the ones who believe that the images, clips and quotes, are lies; in short that Islam has been falsely represented.

I don't know if that is true,
I've never read the Quran.
What I do know is
Without the Quran
(and the overzealous purveyors of it's intolerant passages)
Fitna would have looked a lot like this


Is the Muslim reaction to Fitna just a case of shooting the messenger?
As the film only uses images and footage featuring those faithful to Islam, has Wilders just held up a mirror?
And if so, are Muslims cross because they have been embarrassed by the truth, or because they think it was a lie?

Catholics seem to be of one (if quite quiet) voice, that the abusive priests should be 'dealt with' and, to my knowledge, not one word has been said against those who broke that story. Why are Muslims not similarly enraged?

Why is all the Muslim noise against the film maker and almost nothing against the bloodthirsty hate-filled preachers inflaming the fear and anger of the faithfully chanting lynch mobs who are horrifyingly abundant feature of the film?

For me it seems clear, unless they are under an oppressive regime, sane people do not rant and rave against an expose of the horrors and atrocities which are tolerated, promoted or prosecuted by a powerful organisation.
Sane people do not choose to sweep injustice and bigotry under a magic carpet.
And as most Muslims I know seem relatively sane, we must assume that it is the powerful organisation's attempt to deflect attention from the view of reality the film projects?


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Sell The Vatican, Feed The World - Brilliant

Sarah Silverman's ambitious plan for feeding the world?
Sell The Vatican

Genius Sarah!

Please sign the uk.gov petition to get the Pope Banned from the UK.

Need another reason to ban the pope?

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Pillock Pope Pardons Pervert Priests

Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican
"The Vatican has lashed out at criticism over its handling of its paedophilia crisis by saying the Catholic church was "busy cleaning its own house" and that the problems with clerical sex abuse in other churches were as big, if not bigger.
In a defiant and provocative statement, issued following a meeting of the UN human rights council in Geneva, the Holy See said the majority of Catholic clergy who committed such acts were not paedophiles but homosexuals attracted to sex with adolescent males."
Riazat Butt, religious affairs correspondent, and Anushka Asthana.
Full Story - Guardian.co.uk 28/09/09

The vatican deflecting blame - who'da thunk it!
How twisted and, as many have already said,
"So, that makes it alright then does it?

Dear Papa Joe,

Is the subtext of your message that the Catholic church now think it's okay to be gay? It sounds a lot like that! Or, are you hinting that the scandal is less scandalous, by suggesting that being gay is not as offensive, to you and your creator god, as paedophilia?
Please clarify, I'm sure many enquiring minds want to KILL YOU know!
What a massive grasp of reality you haven't! How rude to mention the two in the same sentence, like one is intrinsic to, or a greater form of, the other.
Is this what your god is telling you to teach you flock? Or do you think up all your own offensive nonsense?

These priests are not harmless as you have intimated!
As far as I can see they fall into one of two groups,

the preist chose the path fully aware of his wants and desires and, because of the ready access to the children/youths, saw the flock as easy pickings, which as far as I'm concerned is the predatory behaviour of a paedophile or sex offender.

instead of displaying the courage to honourably come out, which I guess for most gay men is a kind of right of passage, a rebirth into their adult self or something, these priests have hidden their core being from society, and maybe themselves, largely because of the shame it would bring to family and friends. We all know how bigoted and closed minded the less intelligent members of humanity can be when backed up by religious doctrine! And this shame is promoted by their own faith's scripture as punishable with an eternity of torture. You can understand their fear! But to choose to hide that religiously inflicted shame, where their god can see them the most clearly, right under his nose, in the alter boy's changing room!
I don't no what kind of fucked up that is, but I'd say there's a little bit of not quite right in the head going on there. (Was that PC enough, I'm trying! I wanted to say; Crazy whacked out nut job's!)

The point is those are not the actions of a SANE gay man.

So, me little Papal Pal, worst case scenario - The priests accused of abuse are all found guilty of paedophilia! Best case scenario - They are all found insane, sent that way by the repressive doctrine you proffer as divine.

It's not looking good is it?

Probably best to dismantle the church

(proceeds to the needy of course)
and all go your separate ways in shame!

Unless you subscribe to the third option!
Maybe they are just playing following their leader... No, not you Papa Joe, their "real" leader... continued ...http://crispysea.blogspot.com/2009/10/and-your-god-watched.html

For more Catholic Evilness or to watch the video
"The History of the Catholic Church’s Pedophile"
Click the Catholic Evilness Tab above

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And Your God Watched

Your god you claim is omnipresent,
so he had front row seat for everything

We excelled at sports
And Your God watched

We conquered the Land
And Your God watched

We travelled the Seas
And Your God watched

We mastered the Skies
And Your God watched

We went to the moon
And Your God watched

We made our discoveries
And Your God watched

Famine destroys millions
And Your God watches

Fathers perpetrate 'honour' killings
And Your God watches

Wars slaughter innocents
And Your God watches

Paedophiles abuse children
And Your God watches

Every entry in the column on the right,
carried out their heinous crimes

I'm sure you'd attempt to intervene in any abomination against children, whether directly, or by calling the authorities. I know I would - probably directly - I have a feeling I'd be compelled to step to the murdering paedo bastard and end them!

Strikes me, anybody sitting that close and choosing to not intervene, must be...
Enjoying listening to Evey tortured scream, every moan from every child! Enjoying the smell of their blood and fear. Enjoying the sense the life draining from their mutilated bodies. Enjoying the attackers elation and joy! Enjoying letting the attacker walk away unchecked, from the tortured little body. Enjoying the whole horrific show!

You maintain that your
God Works in Mysterious Ways
But in this instance, your God's 'mysterious' ways
look a lot like a
Wow, that's something you don't notice everyday! How did we get there! lol.
Perhaps as far as the paedo' priests are concerned,

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

And, as far as I'm concerned

If you follow that omnipotent god,
you condone his continuing inaction.

My question is simple -
Why would anyone choose to follow a such a beast?

Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish:
1870 - 1936

American Serial killer, child rapist, and cannibal.

Carl Panzram:
1891 - 1930

American serial killer, murdered 21, sodomised over 1000 males.

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo:
1936 - 1994

Russian serial killer, murderer of 52 women and children.

'The Moors murderers':
Ian Brady:
1938 - Present (prison).
Myra Hindley:
1942 - 2002

The couple brutally murdered several victims.

Dean Corll:
1939 - 1973

American serial killer "The Candy Man", with two teen accomplices abducted, raped, tortured and murdered a minimum of 28 young boys.

Dennis Lynn Rader:
1945 - Present

American serial killer 'The BTK Strangler'= "Bind, Torture, Kill", murdered 10.

Pedro Alonzo Lopez:
1948 - Present

Whereabouts unknown, Columbian serial killer, "The Monster of the Andes", responsible for the rape and murder of 350 girls.

Richard Trenton Chase:
1950 - 1980

US serial killer, "The Vampire of Sacramento" brutally killed six people, Had sex with at least one of his victim's pregnant corpse, he also drank/bathed in their blood and cannibalised their remains.

Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah:
1957 - 2008

American sex offender, convicted of kidnapping, repeatedly molested, tortured, and attempted to murder children.Suspected of murdering a child then disposing of the body through cannibalistic ways that involved his unsuspecting neighbors.

John Evander Couey:
1958 - Present

American sex offender/murderer kidnapped raped and killed nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford.

Wayne Bertram Williams:
1958 - Present

American serial killer who committed 23 of 29 of the Atlanta Child Murders (1979-81) and two adult men.

Ward Francis Weaver lll:
1963 - Present

Imprisoned for sexual assault, rape, attempted murder and for killing Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

Karla Leanne Homolka/Teale:
1970 - Present

Released from prison 2005, Canadian killer, drugging, raping, torturing and killing young girls And her own sister.

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Let's think about God - the multiverse's first bastard?

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They Are Praying For Me Now

Praying for me is lovely and all, but check out the delightful homage to free speech - highlighted in red.
Sunday, 4 October 2009
A Fellow Blogger.


I have decided to amend this post, as the owner of the blog contacted me in relation to posting some material from his site, on the condition that i give him a link. Due to the nature of his blog i have decided to remove his part in this conversation rather than subject you all to his posts.

We have a great and loving god who tries to reach out to the hardened hearts of the self-righteous who love all earthly things and deny the grace of God a place in their lives. I have, instead, written here a prayer which i have made for this gentleman who goes by the name of Crispy.

Dear Heavenly Father
The grace that you pour out on us is eternal. We come to you not because of a simple promise of eternity, but by our own human helplessness. It is our on destruction and habit that has caused this world which you created so perfectly to fall into. The world is so involved in mind over matter and matter over mind that we forget that what we do on the outside means nothing to you. Anything we do, eat, think is washed away in the glorious name of your son Jesus who, because you loved us so much, came and died on a cross of despair and humiliation. I consider this gentleman Crispy in my prayers today Lord, i consider his words which are determined to act as the forked tongue of the devil against your mighty and everlasting word. Let him realise Lord, that his attempts to chip away at your word will never succeed. Many a hammer of criticism has fallen on the rock of your word Lord, but none have chipped a single piece from it. Give him grace that he will realise your word and respond to it before it is too late. Today could be his day of salvation lord. Today is the day for him to come to you. Let him realise that in his human condition he does not have the strength and power to reach out to you and all that he has to call to you is his prayers so that you will descend your spirit on him and pull him out of the cesspit he lies in. Father God, like so many other people of our world he is lost, he clings to no destiny or hope. All his fears, emotions and realisations are all false and will die with him. Nothing without you exists father please let him realise. This is my sincere prayer for this man. In Jesus most beautiful name, Amen.


Do you think the piece highlighted in green sounds a little like he's trying to convince himself? Me thinks prehaps, he doth protest too much! LOL

I'm not sure I want the prayers of an opponent of free speech, so I'll leave it their with an ironic Awww Bless!!! LOL.

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Is This Blasphemy

NEW Michaelangelo painting Revealed?

Michaelangelo's lesser known, and many would say extremely blasphemous painting in the Sistene chapel.
Not revealed until now, but in an unheard of spirit of honesty for the church, it can now be seen on the ceiling of alter boy's changing rooms, and again in the priest's toilet.

Perhaps this is were it started to go horribly wrong for the Pontiff's Pompous Paedos.

Like father like father?

But is it blasphemy?
Or merely fatherly advice about cleanliness? After all, we well know the saying!
Or perhaps, he's just having a laugh about what he's making the Jewish brothers do?
Although, looking closer, it does look very suspiciously like the old man's after Adam's old man doesn't it?
I think what is most important to remember is - The only way one can consider the picture blasphemous is if one assumes two intellectual positions.
1. That the painting is a sufficient representation of 'God' and 'Adam' for any viewer to instantly assume that this is who they are meant to represent.
2. That the pose is sexual. If one assumed it to be instructional, it would not be offensive and thereby not blasphemous.
That's the problem with Blasphemy - it's totally subjective.

The author/creator of a work should never be held responsible for the observer/reader's perception.

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No Divine Evidence So No Benevolent God

This is an addendum to the Divine Evidence Laws to specifically address God's culpability for all this "stupid tribal rivalry" as raised in the explanation of Law 3.

Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc. whichever one's tradition, the creator god breathed his word and will into a 'prophet'.
What terrific jape was his game when he delivered these intransigently incompatible disparate paths?
Too choose to breathe different versions of his word and will to numerous tribes, knowing that very action would bring millions of senseless deaths, is at best unbelievably shortsighted and at worst totally evil!

A persons ability to comprehend a religious text is not a matter of choice - it's partly genetics, partly education - nature and nurture combine and then you either get 'it' or you don't. Can lack of faith, by one who is born too dim to understand, or too smart to ignore the faults, or why-ever else one might not be able to believe the man made texts, really be the work of a right and just god?
You'd think NOT wouldn't you!

All human's have a subconscious personal agenda, flaws born from life experiences and a lifetime's miscomprehensions and misconceptions of the meanings of words and phrases, so each human would write down a story they'd heard in their own 'style'.
This style would almost certainly not be written so that everyone would understand it; it would most likely not even be in the head of the writer to deliberately write it that way.
This makes the text an unsafe vessel of the meaning!
For an further illustration of what I mean, check out There is NO God - Official (then click the explanation link at the end).

Would a benevolent god choose to leave it up to a single flawed human to deliver the MEANING, the most important core, of the god's message?
You'd think NOT wouldn't you!

Remember, as the great majority 'believers' view it, their god is gambling with the individual's eternal damnation; gambling that the individual will have been born with the gene that allows him to decipher a message cloaked in thousands of years of other peoples interpretations. And, when one considers with the click of his fingers the god could have made it so that all readers inherently understood his words, to leave his "children's" decision to the whim of religious doctrine is some evil gamble!1
Surely it would have been much fairer of a benevolent God to make sure, by providing an indisputably divine text, that if an individual chooses to reject the god, then the individual has done so knowing, for sure, exactly what he is rejecting.

The religious argue that
proof denies faith
but for me, the very
absence of a blatantly divine text proves
that the god of the scriptures
cannot be benevolent.

(1) Of course he's not gambling; for the god of the scriptures it's ALL a sure thing - Check out Religious Free Will - The Ultimate Oxymoron, and Let's think about God - the multiverse's first bastard? for a closer look at this.
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Religious Free Will - The Ultimate Oxymoron

Human's are born a blank slate, our Free Will at birth includes not suffering an eternity in excruciating torment.
Religion takes away that intrinsic free will and replaces it with an illusory shackle.
"If in the eyes of an unknown arbiter your life adds up to 'bad person', you burn!"

True Free Will is...

The freedom to NOT follow a god
have no consequences of that free choice.

Limited free will is...

The freedom to not follow a god but suffer consequences.

Limited Free Will, which is also known as Oppression, is what religious belief offers - free will within boundaries and as we all know, a gilded cage is still a prison. I pity the religious for their comprehension of Free Will, and for their lack of understanding of their own scripture's landscape.

The religious creator god is hailed for knowing all things for all time. Such a being cannot help but therefore know the sum of a religious individuals earthly deeds, and therefore where the religious individual is going, Upstairs or Down, even before the religious individual's great great grandmother was born!! (And If he doesn't know what's going to happen, he cannot be the god of the scriptures!! ) So,

Where is the Free Will?
Think about it, NO choice that any religious individual makes throughout his life, can make any difference to the way the god knows it's going to turn out!
Nothing, absolutely nothing, the religious individual does, thinks, or believes in his earthly span will be able to change religious individuals eternal destination from the one foreseen by the god, so the individual's choices are irrelevant.

So Where's the Free Will?
Check out Let's think about God - the multiverse's first bastard? for a closer look at this, or,
for a Quantum exploration, God and the laws of Physics - All Alone in the Multiverse?

The religious version of free will restricts true free will to only one choice -

Live your earthly life without true free will (by following the rules of the doctrine) or suffer removal of your post-death free will forever.
Or to put it another way -

If you don't get into heaven, it's an automatic red card and off to hell with you.
Or, more succinctly -


There's no "third way" with religious Free Will,
no "eternity my way" option!

The religious concept of free will, is simply not free will!
Is it?
Can it honestly be described that way?
And if you say it can,
What would we then call the level of Free Will,
which does not impose those
'believe or burn' restrictions?
Free Will Plus?
Freeer Will?
Super Free Will?

Surely the ability to choose one's eternity is about free will?

There are so many other options -
  • I use my free will to choose have the ability to change at will from animal form to animal form, gaining experience of what it is like to be them for eternity.
  • I choose to be a box of chocolates for eternity - yes then the 'afterlife is like a box of chocolates' too. lol.
  • I choose to travel the stars as an ethereal observer for some of eternity then run a sweet shop in Yorkshire for ten years, then open ended millenia as a big pink butterfly.
  • I use my free will to choose to leave my choice about my eternity until after I've died.
  • I use my free will to choose no eternity for me.
  • I use my free will to choose to not take part in your petty power struggle! Why don't you just grow up! You're like a pair of toddlers fighting over a rusk! You want your heads banging together! Come on shake hands and make friends. Work out some sort of power sharing scheme or something! We are sick of this! Why should we have to suffer eternal tortures just because, you two can't settle your differences! Are you too stubborn, or too stupid to notice that if you two just kissed and made up, all the torture and torment could stop! Anyway - Whatever! I OPT OUT!
Religions demand that you play the god's game, by the god's rules, or when you die, if he thinks you've been a bad player you get tormented for eternity. The free will religion offers only exists within the parameters of the delicate sensibilities of the high priests of that doctrine, that is not FREE will but as I said, Oppression

Now here's the twister!

As we all really know, there is no god whatsoever, So that state of oppression is self-inflicted! Those who believe, want to, and do so freely! They choose to subjugate themselves beneath an oppressive regime of self imposed fear, so they can take succour and shelter in their self built gilded cage!
What brain disease causes such self-repression to be not only abundant within society, but also, until now (and possibly still now) expected and accepted as normal?

We are so doomed!

If you liked ths ponder on freewill, there's a deeper one here - "A Superposition of Quantifiable Causality"
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Back to the Core TMQ

Death Panels - Just a Matter of Perspective?

I inadvertently became part of a 'death panel', and the cause of the NHS waiting lists!
Ooooh big headline claim that eh?

Yeah it's a bit sensational and eyeball grabbing, but no more blarney than we're used to, from politicians and media hype!!

I was an emergency on the 12th of August, You may have read about it in "The Great British National Health Service Saved My Life"

In that moment I jumped the queue - I didn't know I was going to, I had no warning signs whatsoever, but jump the queue I did.
My emergency care pushed me to the top of the angioplasty list.

I assume, that all those thousands of people waiting for the procedure and already scheduled for surgery, would have been a bit disgruntled at being pushed down the list; maybe they've had to spend another few days in pain or discomfort.

Make no mistake I feel for their pain, 9 years ago I was waiting for surgery on a prolapsed spinal disc, the surgery was postponed 3 times because of emergencies, and twice I'd already travelled to the hospital for the surgery only to be turned away again. It was a pestereance to me, extra weeks of pain, but the emergencies would have been somebody in imminent danger of paralysis or death. So of course, had I been asked if I minded that person in emergency need of care going in front of me in the queue, I, and I presume any other humane being would say "Yeah ok, i'm only in pain, I'm not in danger, you go first."

It seems to me that the best one can hope for from any National health service, the best outcome you can expect is, in an unpredicted or emergency occurrence, the system copes with the extra strain.
In a system of limited funds, triage must be applied, those in greatest need first.

We all loved the TV series about an army surgical unit in the Korean war - MASH.
Almost weekly we would watch the courageous doctors and nurses choose which soldiers to save and which to leave to die. Their difficult decisions always, sensibly, based on their past experience of the survivability of various injuries.
This can only be described, by any humane being, as fair, just, moral and sensible.

But a typically self-centred, right-wing bastard, would describe those nurses and doctors as a death panel!

We all complain about having to wait for treatment, each of us likes to think ourselves the most important, but in medical emergency situations, we all accept that the 'most important' is the one closest to death whom is most likely to be saved.

The NHS works brilliantly well, and lets face it, everybody on the planet wishes they had one just as good!

More on Health Care
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Do Americans Not See Themselves As A Team?

I had not thought much about health care until everything kicked off last week and I started hearing the horror stories from Americans about their apparently selfish and heartless system. Until then I'd assumed that the American system would be as good as Britain's NHS, but just simply funded differently.
I've been shocked by the stories I've heard from many Americans about their health care, you can read some on my blog comments. Stories of how Americans have been permanently disabled or disfigured, because they personally couldn't afford medical care at their time of need. (Makes the big book of British smiles seem less important - don't you think?)
I am astonished because, myself and all members of my family, from my great grandmother to my youngest nephew, AND EVERYONE I KNOW, have been in the complete care of the NHS for all our lives. NONE of us ever had to consider the cost of treatment, or put treatment off for thrift's sake.
Disablement and disfigurement for the lack of cash has been absent from Britain for more half a century. It's unheard of!
The first thought for every citizen in the UK is - call the ambulance and if it can be fixed, the NHS Will fix it, no charge. I can't begin to describe what a great comfort the system is. (Although my heart attack story tells it's own truth about the value of an NHS)
See The Great British National Health Service Saved My Life

With the American system it seems, one must make a judgement call, at a time when you are least able, as to the value of your life!
Is my life more valuable than the debt I'm about to incur?
Whereas, with the British system, at the time when you are least able, there is this great team of people at your instant disposal, and they are all in it, only to save your skin! NO CHARGE!

I don't get why Americans think that's a bad idea!!
It seems contrary to the stuff we know about America!

Probably one of the most recognisable buzz-phrases is from American movies, where high school coaches trip out the trite line "There is no I in Team", but the the adage does not seem to apply to the 'great nation of America'! Your health care seems to be all about 'I', displaying no team spirit whatsoever! Why is your health care not a team?

Another buzz phrase - 'Divide and Conquer' (Julius Caesar)

When you've managed to stomp all over your own civilisation and are giving whoops and cheers that you defeated Obama's humane health care reform, please remember that you've done the bidding of the pharmaceutical giants!

Of course they want you to think a National Health Service is bad and evil

They make more money
selling you your medicines,
one pill to one customer at a time.

The corporations fuel your fear of socialism to keep you from banding into the force they fear.

Defy them
Forge your country into a family,
and remember,
Together Everyone Achieves More

When 300 million people buy their medicines together, they can pretty much dictate the price! Hell - 300 million people can buy a licence to make their own pills!!
300 million people acting with one voice!
No corporation in the universe
can drown out that kind of noise!

So, why let the corporations have your cash, when you could be using it to fund the American dream for all?

You say that ANY American can follow the American dream to the white house, and it would seem, that, as you now have your first black leader, the dream is true
but is it actually false?
Not so much a lie,
but an accidental falsehood?
If president Obama had been born with a congenital heart problem, which had needed constant medical care for the whole of his life, his medical insurance would have run out before he got chance to lead you in your 'yes we can' dream.
He would therefore not have had the opportunity for the American dream.
As it is for each and every American who has been tossed away because of the lack of a fully functioning National health-care team.
All, automatically denied the American dream.

Every person disabled or disfigured when their health insurance runs out, is lost from a nations potential.
Why choose to waste potential?

Look to your future USA
Tell me, to which U.S. family will the next Abraham Lincoln or Samuel Clemence be born? A rich or a poor one?
Impossible to tell right! And if it's impossible to tell, it's foolhardy to play favourites.
Whether that potential great talent survives to be a great talent, could be down to whether he has adequate personal health insurance!
How can you think entrusting the health care of your future geniuses to random chance is a good idea?
People are the future of a nation - why toss potential aside because the corporations encourage you to fear each other?

Without the solidarity brought by caring for all,
a nation is not a band of kinsmen under one banner,
but just a bunch of potential enemies,
existing in an uncomfortable truce.

I wonder if that explains all the blunderbusses?

I don't think the notion of death panels would occur in a nation of kinsmen.

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I Love The NHS - Did I Mention They Saved My Life

I Just had a visit from the NHS Cardio Rehabilitation team.
Joanne, a delightful lady with a great sense of humour and an uncanny resemblance to Lilly Allen sat in my lounge and, with the aid of a very cool little plastic model heart, illustrated and explained everything about what had happened to me and exactly which bit of my heart had been fat fault, how it had been repaired and what a stent is. For those that don't know it's a little piece of titanium that holds the artery open to its 'proper' diameter and it looks like a tiny fishnet stocking!
So - that's a bonus! - sexy on the inside now as well! - lol.

Joanne clearly explained the purpose, effect and any possible side effects of the medication's I'd been given on discharge from hospital, then went on to discuss suggested dietary requirements. She spoke about amount and type of exercise for correct recovery from attack in the initial recovery period of 4wks. As She took Bp and pulse, Joanne filled me in on the report she'd had from the hospital.
Turns out, after a heart attack which lasted somewhere in the region of 4 hours, my heart has survived with
NO residual Damage,
The Blood pressure of a teenager,
And a pulse rate of 44!!
Joanne spoke with us for a good hour and a half, in which both my, and my wife's, minds were put completely at rest, she left saying they'd be in touch in a few weeks, to organise a fitness assessment and monitored cardio rehab workout programme at a local gym.

I knew I was feeling stronger, since the attack than I had been for a good while, maybe three or more years (well no actually, it's only been a couple of days since I've felt like I've got the right batteries back in!), but I hadn't realised that my heart was now in a condition, which it hadn't been in since my 20's!
Woop, Woop, Woop, Yay me and my 20 year healthy eating plan!!!

20 years of wholemeal everything, porridge, no fat, grill never fry, white meat and fish and mountains of fruit and veg, not to mention omitting the extra biscuits, have paid off big style.
Don't misunderstand me, I'm not getting all up in myself and patting me on the back, I did smoke, no longer, and I have no doubt that without the massive support of the brilliant NHS, I'd have died last week, and today my Wife, children, family and friends, would have been reminiscing at my funeral, but My healthy eating plan and general fitness routine, all my adult life, has played a part in the lack of damage and my rapid recovery, so I thought it was worth mentioning - straight from the living proof (so to speak)

Listen to what they tell you about diet!

If you don't have one,
GET one
It's like medicinal crowd surfing!

At the time of my greatest need, my kinsmen raised me aloft and transported me via numerous caring professionals back to health and the bosom of my very relieved family and friends.
You All have my HEART felt gratitude.

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A National Health Service Is A National Treasure

A National Health Service is not easy for any nation, but a country's citizens must be big enough to accept high principles cost.

I believe the establishment of a properly functioning NHS, as we have in the UK (It struggles under the weight but it works), has value greater than the medical care of its citizens.

Every worker knows that a little piece of the working day is donated to caring for those whom are, at that moment, suffering. Every week we in the UK show how we value every human in our borders no matter who they are or where they are from.

Every 11th word a typist types, every 11th brick laid by every bricklayer, every eleventh cake baked by every baker, goes to supporting those with the skills to cure the injured and sick.
Every 11th minute of every citizens working day is spent on supporting the needs of those in need of care.

That is a GREAT feeling - knowing that our country is THAT caring - it makes every job more worthy, every worker more key.
There is an underlying understanding that ALL are working to ensure ALL is 'as well as it can be' for ALL within our nation's borders, it's an ethos of 'while you're in our house we look after you'. A distinct but marginal leap from being a good host.

As far as I am concerned that feeling of benevolent security alone is worth the cost of supporting the health service with every eleventh minute of your working day and far more rewarding than a new TV or an extra round of drinks at the bar.


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It Is Supposed To be The land Of The Free

I heard President Obama yesterday(15-08-09) saying he was trying to create a "Uniquely American system" - Why? It seams to me to be because he's realised that Americans are so vain that they'd rather go on with their uncaring health system than accept something that they didn't invent.
Whatever way you look at it, free health care has already been invented, it's now just down to whether the USA catches up and accepts that "I'm alright jack" society is unacceptable and diametrically opposed to those who'd choose to call themselves humanitarian.

It's supposed to be

The land of the free.


The land of those

who can afford to be free.

I think I'm now more than fully qualified to say,
I'd recommend the Great British NHS in a Heartbeat, that's the heartbeat I would not have had the NHS not been there for me.

But I'd go further,
I'd say that any modern rich country who chooses a heartless 'every man for himself' system is preferring to profess and support socio-political Darwinism, the defunct philosophical system that previously heralded the rise of the Nazis.

For me the only way a society can justifiably call itself civilised, is if it cares for all its citizens regardless of birth status or bank roll.

Health care should be a human right, a pillar of what we call humane behaviour.

Those who rally against caring for the weak and in need are despicably selfish beings, (I feel I cannot use the word humans) who should feel ashamed of their self serving standpoint.

Compassion for our fellow should be an intrinsic aspiration, a core value of the human race - the way we want and choose to be.
Fuck you, I'm all right jack, is the way of the primitive beast.

America, you see yourselves as the best country on the planet but until you have an NHS like the UK you have only the facade of greatness.

Look at it this way - your tax dollars are currently being spent in the millions killing foreigners for free, wouldn't you feel better about yourselves if those dollars were instead (or additionally) being spent saving lives of your families and friends?
Surely, to remain on the side of good, one must be seen to be spending as much on saving the good guys, as you do slaughtering the bad guys.

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The Great British National Health Service Saved My Life

I'm sorry if this blog is not up to my usual standards - but hey I'm four days post-dead and although exceptionally happy to be that - I'm not really in tip top form - I hope you'll excuse any that is not quite legible (as that was. lol.)

ON Wednesday 12th of August 2009 I died

No really! Early am, on the 'glorious' 12th, flashing lights, multiple people caring for me etc. But the point is I died - 44 - Heart attack - DEAD! I don't know for how long, but dead's dead isn't it. So, you wanna know what it's like?
Of Course you do, everybody does - I did, although I didn't know I did, but now I have, well I know - I KNOW FOR SURE - What happens when you die!

Well it's like this, I think the easiest way to explain it is how it happened.

03.00 Pain, but only like a blood-pressure cuff, on my left arm
03.10 Chest pain like child sitting on me
03.20 Arm and chest pain (gripping/adult sitting on chest)
03.25 Ambulance called
03.35 Ambulance arrived, paramedics with me, I was sweating profusely and V.cold - given oxygen immediately
03.40 I was in the ambulance, my shirt shielding my eyes from the glaring lights and the Paramedics sweating profusely - I'm a big lad see, like a rugby player - 6 foot 4 inches and 220 pounds of (mostly) muscle.
03.42 I died
04.10(est) I was resuscitated
04.15 Ambulance departs for Local hospital - Glan Clwyd.
04.30 Arrive at local hospital - puke almost instantly on nurse
05.05 I died and crash team called
05.30(est) I was resuscitated

07.05 Transferred to ambulance for trip to specialist heart hospital about 50 miles away - Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital
07.35 Police escort, into Liverpool through the morning traffic - I had slept the journey, I've always had the uncanny knack of being able to fall asleep almost at will. Decided I couldn't handle a high speed trip to Liverpool and chose to sleep through it, so I missed the escort, and was told about it by a chap on the general cardio ward later - "Oh that was you was it, they woke us up!"
07.45 Arrived at LHCH and awoke as the ambulance doors opened. The first person I saw was one of the Police officers who had escorted me saying. 'Good luck mate.' It was bizarre, I wondered, a little groggy from a horde of drugs including some form of Morphine, why I was being greeted by a well wishing cop! Thanks to that officer for his and his colleagues help.
08.00 Procedure to install a stent into a the narrowed artery which was causing the problem was carried out immediately by, and I am totally hetero, the most handsome man on the planet, who fortunately for me decided to be a heart surgeon rather than a Model or film star, called I believe Ash Patwaly.
09.00 I was moved to Cardio Care unit (critical care ward) and slept intermittently throughout day, saw my wife and my best friend, then later my mother and brothers, and chatted in snatches of apparently quite lucid consciousness, though I don't remember a great deal. I do remember a very nice nurse called Deepa helping me all day and another nurse, Clare, that night.

17.00 Another drug given, also by Ash Patwaly, to regulate the heart's rhythm, which was out of tune because of the shocks
17.30 fell asleep - much more comfortable
20.00 awoke feeling MUCH better.

09.30 Ash Patwaly came to see my progress, and was I think surprised by how well I was doing. I was like nothing had happened, yes I was tired, knackered in fact, like I'd spent a day moving a couple of wardrobes around a room for an indecisive woman but back to my normal self.

13.15 Transferred to general cardio ward, escorted by Nurse Marj and Student Nurse Sherifa who looked after me on the 13th and a porter (by the way all the names are probably spelled wrong - sorry).

15.00 Discharged with a bagful of tablets.

Great thanks therefore to Nurses Deepa, Clare, Sherifa, Marj, Katie, the ones whose names I can remember - bit of a stressful whirlwind visit you understand. Also To Dylan and His oppo who nearly died themselves carrying me the hundred yards to the ambulance, then brought me back to life and to the team at Glan Clwyd Hospital whose names I don't know, I was completely out of it you know!
And the police escort.
Thanks to Aneurin Bevan (1897 - 1960 Firebrand socialist and orator who is regarded as the father of the National Health Service.) for thinking up the National health service in the first place, William Beveridge (1879 - 1963 British economist and social reformer, closely associated with the development of the welfare state) and to my ancestors, the people of Great Britain UK of 1948 who decided that it would be a great thing to do.

Without ALL of you Crispy Sea would not be here to thank you all for your foresight and compassion. Without you my children would not have a father, my wife not have a husband, my mother 1 less son, my friends, 1 less friend and the world 1 less warrior for truth.

I am indebted to your vision and wallets.

The current and future beating of my heart is

totally down to the size of yours

It's 7am I've been up for about an hour. Just sitting, watching a sunrise I shouldn't be seeing. I'm really glad the molecules that formed this solar system bumped into each other in such a way that this ball on which we grew, orbits such a beautiful star.

I have nothing to thank any imaginary being for, but my eyes on this sunrise, and all others I shall see, are down to the massive, almost incalculably massive, support team.

So, the question was, what's it like?
No lights, no angels, no demons
Just simply - it's exactly the same as going to sleep
You know when you are watching TV and you drop off to sleep for a moment, but the only way you know is that the people on the screen aren't in the same position as they were a moment ago, you've missed a bit of the story and are not sure what's going on. You instantly recognise you've been asleep for a few mins.
It's exactly the same when you die, just like dropping off to sleep
How do I know? What's my proof?
Simple, when the team resuscitated me, brought me back to life in Glan Clwyd, the first words out of my mouth to the nurse who was standing next to me were
'Oh I fell asleep for a bit there did I?'
Her answer bewildered me a bit at the time, I was groggy but I noticed it as odd
'Er, er, er, you, er, you lost consciousness for a while'
she blurted unconvincingly.
It's later, when I pieced together the events, that I realised, that was when I'd died for the second time.

So before, when I wrote my blogs, and ranted on about there being no god etc. I was standing on a rock called 'I don't know but the probability of a god is pretty much zero', whereas now, there is nobody on the planet more qualified. I know what happens when you're really 'most sincerely dead' because I've been there, and it's just exactly like being asleep.

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